To facilitate in just rehabilitation process of freed Haliyas through accountability and responsiveness of the government.

To increase the access and control of freed Haliyas over public services and resources for sustainable livelihood and gainful employment opportunities.

To advocate for the appropriate legislative policies and programs for the non-discriminatory, timely and judicial rehabilitation of freed Haliyas.

To facilitate the easy access, benefits and control of freed Haliyas over education, health facilities, social security and employment opportunity.

To conduct different campigns against discriminatory social malpractices and stigma like caste based discrimination and untouchabiluty (CBD&U), gender based violence (GBV), human trafecking and human rights violation issues.

To promote indegenious skills and knoweldge of the freed Haliya communities in connection with their typical occupation for gainful employment opportunities and livelihood options.

To establish collaboration with  different civil society networking/alliances for collective effort and solidarity at local, distrct, national and international level

To strengthen the institutional capacity for good governance, accountability and sustainability impact.