Freed Haliya women became Social Change Agent

Ms. Parbati Bhul
Ms. Parbati Bhul

Ms. Parbati Bhul, a Freed Haliya women, in her late twenties (32) lives in Dashrath Chand Municipality-4, of Baitadi district. She was born in Doti and married with Mr. Santosh Bhul who also had leadership quality to empower, organize and mobilize very poor and oppressed women in the community for their rights. She is resourceful, innovative and has been working for the socio-economic rights of freed Haliya since last 10 years of time.

She shares her experiences as she had to fit into place for very hard work such as breaking the stones (working in the stone quarry) to be bread winner for sustaining the family members.

She was eager to be engaged in the social activities since the time of her early age. So that she participated in various trainings, interactions programs, orientation programs/seminars regarding the rights of freed Haliyas under the various projects with the technical and financial support of the Lutheran World Federation Nepal implemented by Rastriya Mukta Haliya Samaj Federation Nepal.

Once she got the opportunity to become freed Haliya Right Activist for Baitadi district under the Freed Haliya Advocacy Project implemented by Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO) with the financial assistance of OHCHR in 2015. With this medium, her desire for the social services came into existence.

In line with her roles and responsibilities, she visited to many local areas of Baitadi district particularly Durgabhawani, Nwali, Shreekot, Nagarjun, Gurukhola so as to support freed haliyas in awareness programs. She facilitated freed Haliya community to increase their access in public services and resources as well as increase their meaningful participation of freed Haliyas in various decision making forums such as Community Forestry User Groups (CFUGs), School Management Committee (SMC), political parties, mother groups etc. She also supported target community for the rehabilitation package implemented by the government of Nepal.

Due to her enormous contribution and support in freed Haliya community, she became the candidate as one of the women member in a ward of Municipality under the local election 2017. She was able to be elected in local government body.

In 2018, she took part along with 129 freed haliya elected members in a capacity building training program for elected freed haliya leaders called “Training to Elected Freed Haliya Representing Local Government on leadership skills, human right based planning and monitoring”. They were oriented on provisions of constitution of Nepal, Local Government Operation Act 2018 and 7 steps of planning process of local governments. Now, she has been playing a proactive and vital role in ward level planning and council of municipal level. In fiscal year 2018/19, she was able to make decisions of providing scholarship to seven freed haliya children for NPR 2000 each student a year and also allocated NPR 40,000 for unlisted freed haliya families for repairing their house. Further, she also has been able to endorse the freed haliya issues in municipal policy and program for promoting the livelihood of freed haliya communities.

Finally, She says, “I am proud to be representative of Local Government so that I can influence the decision making process. My roles in decision making procedure will ultimately support freed Haliya community in regards to the community development by creating equitable society.”