Message from Chairperson

Thirteen glorious years have been passed successfully, since the establishment of RMHSF-N Nepal in 2007 the continuous advocacy has been for the emancipation and proper rehabilitation of the freed Haliyas. The learning of its past is contributing it to crawl towards maturity. Being a matured organization of freed Haliyas is a matter of pleasure and challenge, at once. RMHSF-N would like to move forward changing the challenges into opportunities for securing the alienable rights of freed Haliyas, Dalits, and other marginalized communities.
For nearly half of two decades since the establishment, RMHSF-N has been working as a rights activist organization and contributed towards the emancipation of Haliyas and securing their ESCER rights. It has gained prominence as a leading right-based development organization among stakeholders and society. It is still raising its issues for the proper rehabilitation of freed Haliya and for improving the livelihoods of this community. Now, it is being consolidated as a right-based humanitarian and developmental organization. The achievement of RMHSF-N is the cumulative result of the hard work of freed Haliya activists, leaders, and the community as a whole as well as its well-wishers. The remarkable contribution from all the donors, partners, and stakeholders is always prized. I would like to thank all for the collective efforts for the change we brought to the lives of freed Haliys by emancipating them from the traditional form of slavery that prevailed in the Sudurpaschim and Karnali provinces.
Today, when we are celebrating the Thirteen years of freed Haliya emancipation Day. The political changes in the country have brings significant opportunities to the marginalized communities like freed Haliyas. The constitution of Nepal has guaranteed various rights for freed Haliyas and the Dalit community. In that context, the proper implementation of the constitutional rights will bring unimagined change to the lives of freed Haliyas. Thousands of freed Haliyas are still deprived of certification and verification as well as certified Haliyas were not rehabilitated properly. To bring the change to the lives of freed Haliyas we need to work rigorously and collectively in the coming days as well. Raising the voices of marginalized like freed Haliys; needs a vibrant civil society and civic engagement. RMHSF-N has envisioned the “establishment of a just society” as its vision and “contributing sustainable livelihoods through the proper rehabilitation of freed Haliyas for obtaining prosperity.
Now, I would like to request with all RMHSF-N well-wishers, partners, and stakeholders for your continuous and valuable support as ever, to make our vision and mission true.
Let’s March Together for the Creation of Just Society!
Thank you.