SWOT Analysis


  • People’s organization (Freed Haliya’s Federation)
  • Committed Executive Committee members for the welfare of Freed Haliyas
  • Flexible with the policies and procedures of funding agencies
  • Feedbacks are taken positively and corrected accordingly
  • Well reorganization among government line agencies, stakeholders and right holders


  • M&E system should be developed  effectively followed
  • Fund raising and donor diversification
  • Lack of common understanding on the operational definition of freed Haliyas among stakeholders, EC members and freed Haliyas
  • Need to mobilize team members and volunteers of organization adopting better resource utilization
  • Promote the organizational culture for learning sharing and knowledge management


  • Clear advocacy agendas in line with plan/policies of GoN for rehabilitation of freed Haliyas
  • Solidarity of civil society, political parties and media on issues based campaign led by organization
  • Integrated bonded labor act in process of being developed
  • Government has planned to rehabilitate freed Haliyas within upcoming 2 years


  • There are an about 25000 freed Haliyas missed in government records and are excluding to get the rehabilitation package
  • There is improper categorization and rehabilitation package designed is insufficient for their livelihoods. Furthermore, whatever the rehabilitation package is designed still having slow pace in implementation
  • The rehabilitation modality is still not clear, thus, freed Haliyas have not yet fully realized the true sense of freedom
  • Due to absence of local elected body, different social structures (both government and non government) are directly influenced by misuse of political powers that has directly hampered in local initiation for rehabilitation of freed Haliyas