Vocational Skill Brought Happiness in Ranjeet Life

Mr.  Ranjeet Mahar (PwDs) is working his automobiles repairing workshop at Surnaya RM-2 Baitadi
Mr. Ranjeet Mahar (PwDs) is working his automobiles repairing workshop at Surnaya RM-2 Baitadi

Mr. Ranjit Mahar, age 45, is a permanent inhabitant of Surnaya rural municipality-2 Gwani at Baitadi.  People mistreated Mr. Mahar for his impaired leg, nevertheless now he is a source of inspiration in his community. He was not only deigned from his family, but also from the community people blocking his personal development.

During the working in garage of auto mobiles, he fell from the tractors and fractured leg resulting disability. After the accident, his occupation was stopped. Although he was partially cured, he migrated in Kolkotta India and sometimes worked in garage and learnt lots of skills for repair and maintenance of motors. Thereafter he returned back to his home and started a small automobiles shop at local market hoping for some income generating activities. He provided mobile services at the local areas but there was no sufficient equipment for delivering the quality services.

In between, he was provided four days Start and Improve Your Business (SYIB) training initiated by RastriyaMuktaHaliyaSamaj Federation Nepal (RMHSFN), an implementing partner of LWF Nepal under “Improving the resilience of rural livelihood options for IDPs – Freed Haliya communities in Nepal” aiming with skill development and entrepreneurs support for Person with Disability (PwD).

The project assisted for purchase of pressure machine and other tools to use his repair maintance workshop. He developed a business plan to scale up his enterprise. Now, Mr. Mahar provides his services in local areas of Baitadi district and earns NPR 25,000 on a monthly basis. Ranjit Mahar has further plans to be an instructor on automobiles repairing and spread the positive message of inspiration to promote the dignified life of persons with disability in his society. Now, he is also shareholders of NayaPayilaFreed Haliya Saving and Credit Cooperative of BasulingBaitadi registered by them with the project support.

Mr. Ranjit says, “My family members are very happy for my business and I have planned to construct a house from the savings. It seemed, though my dreams were breached due to disability but the repairing workshop has changed my luck. Now I am hopeful and look forward to keep my family happy”.